I asked you, my wonderful listeners “If there is one question you’d like to ask me, what would it be?”, and you said - “How do you do what you do? All the things you juggle every day, how do you manage it and what advice would you have for those trying to step off the corporate treadmill?” 



Moving from a full time executive role over three years ago to what I now call a ‘portfolio career’ has not been easy. There were many things to work out - a few bumps along the way - and a huge leap of faith. But I knew I needed to do something different. To live my life in a way that was more unique and truer to me.


In this solo episode, I cover a topic I get asked often - how I moved from corporate to creative. And how I balance going from the board room of an ASX listed company in the morning to doing podcast interviews or slinging pottery in the afternoon! It’s been a fun and interesting ride to get here - and I’ve never been more happier or more fulfilled. 


This episode gives a little more insight into my crazy world of managing multiple streams of income and how I make that work. Hope you enjoy it! M x



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