REFRAMING DISABILITY with Ingerlise Svaleng

If there is one thing you wish society would talk more about, what would it be?

“I want to talk about disability and the often preconceived ideas that surround it.”


Ingerlise Svaleng is one of the most positive humans you could ever meet. She has the kind of energy that just makes you feel good when you spend ``time with her. Ingerlise has a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology and has made a career out of connecting the dots between positive psychology, leadership communication and change management. 

Ingerlise has been published in the The Coaching Psychologist journal and with a keen interest in wellbeing, one of the best gig’s she’s ever had was as the Editor of a national health magazine. With a stellar career working with many of the countries top corporates she’s now focusing on doing good, not just well.  

Ingerlise is the founder of 21 gifts, a kindness project aimed at shifting the narrative surrounding a child diagnosis. Inspired by her daughter Maia, they partnered with hospitals to provide hope, joy and inspiration at time of diagnosis, through to a welcome-to-the world gift box as well as medical outreach presentations. Ingerlise is a pretty special human and I am delighted to have the opportunity to talk with her about a topic that is often not discussed. I hope you enjoy the open and insightful conversation with Ingerlise. 


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This video shows more about Ingerlise and Maia’s story and in the podcast we refer to this blog that Ingerlise wrote recently.


Ingerlise suggested two podcasts to listen to if you’d like to learn more on the topics we discussed;-

  • Dylan Alcott podcast - ListenABLE, and 
  • Too Peas in a Pod - Podcast about parenting multiples with disabilities and additional needs.


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