Wabi Sabi Ceramics

The Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi is all about finding beauty within imperfection. Michelle started a company in the name Wabi Sabi Series when she first wrote a series of books on topics that sometimes make people feel a little uncomfortable. She wants us all to embrace our messy, imperfect selves (and each other) more and by talking about weird and wonderful things - she believes that perhaps we’ll get better at that. After the launch of the books, next came a podcast in the same name and then Michelle’s creative journey extended to clay and ceramics. 

“As a ‘corporate turned creative’, I found so much joy in taking a piece of mud and creating it into a beautiful functional item that I could use and appreciate every day. It’s so satisfying. Ceramics is a complicated medium - there’s a lot to learn. From clay types, to forms, to glazing options, to firing types and everything in between.”

“I’ve found that throughout my ceramics journey, I’ve learnt far more life skills as well as pottery skills. Working with clay is a slow, often tricky process. It teaches you to be humble, it teaches you patience; non-attachment; precision and the wonderful element of surprise and delight! :) “

Michelle makes functional pottery that brings emotion when used everyday. Her custom Tableware is very popular and she works with clients to create the perfect pieces for their homes.